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Built for high-intensity industrial settings, manganese steel offers exceptional hardness and resistance to abrasion and impact. This mangalloy contains 12-14% manganese. MB Metals is a top buyer and supplier of manganese steel scrap with years of experience buying and selling manganese scrap steel for melting purposes.

Because manganese steel possesses such extreme levels of hardness and abrasion resistance, our manganese steel scrap suppliers typically come from industries such as mining, where resistance to continuous abuse is required. Depending on its intended use, our manganese steel can be melted down or reused, as it is likely to have very minimal to no corrosion or damage.

With 20 years in the industry, our smaller operation provides customers with reliable, transparent pricing and upfront communication. We are not brokers! We are proud to buy and sell all of our own products, and can offer competitive pricing to our customers both domestically and overseas. If you are looking for manganese steel scrap, MB Metals is one of the most reliable manganese steel scrap buyers and suppliers in the industry. In addition to manganese steel scrap we also offer various forms of rail scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, cast iron, high chrome and more. You will find our prices to be competitive and we are happy to find you what you need.

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